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AWANA – Ages 2 – 5th Grade Wednesdays from 6:45-8:15pm AWANA Commanders: Michael and Allison Shuster and Matthew and Brittany Douglas

Room: 140 (Nursery II)

Ages 2-3 (Puggles)
Room: 120 (Noah’s Ark Room)

Ages 3-5 (Cubbies)
Room: 150 (Jungle Creation Room)

Sparks (K-2nd grades)
Room: 210 (Jesus And Me or “J.A.M.”/Caraway Room)

Truth and Training (3rd-5th grades)
Room: 200 (Juniors Room)

AWANA is packed full of exciting activities including:

Handbook Time
Personal Memorization
Understanding of key Bible verses
Train leaders to encourage and guide
Bible based view of God
Achievement rewards for progress
Game Time
High energy
Individual and team competition
Fun! Fun! Fun!
Counsel Time
Bible Lesson
‘Special events