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Christmas Missions Offering

The Lynn Family
The Lynn FamilyEthiopia
$10,000 for a building project
The Sinde Family
The Sinde FamilyGreece
$10,000 for a building project
The Laas Family
The Laas FamilyFrance
$10,000 for a building remodel
The Barnes Family
The Barnes FamilyCosta Rica
$10,000 for a van
CBT Radio Ministry
CBT Radio Ministry
CBT TV Ministry
CBT TV Ministry
SENT IncSent Operation Emergency Care

Canton Baptist Missionaries – $3,000 Each

Andersons- Tanzania
Baughmans- BIMI rep
Burkholders- Spanish Publishing
Burkholders- Tanzania
Cunninghams- Bali
Roberta Frye- Southland Bible Inst.
Alice Gilbert- Language Training
Hanthorns- Artic Circle
Hendersons- Tanzania
Susan Hoffman- Canada
Lytles- Canada
Reeds- Belize
Staleys- Ireland
Stewards- Ireland
Traci Warner- Nicaragua
Laases- France