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How Do I Sign Up for Online Giving?

Step 1: Enter Your Information

In order to utilize our online giving system, you will need to provide us with basic information. All information will be secured and used for Canton Baptist Temple purposes only, we do not give your information to anyone.

Step 2: Your Tithes and Offerings

You may choose to give to any of the ministry areas listed, but we encourage you to use the General Fund as a starting point for all of your giving to the Lord. Once you have entered the amount and have designated where you would like your gift to go, you will be asked to determine the frequency and amount of your gift.

Step 3: Your Account Information

In order to process your online giving request you will be asked to provide your debit/credit card number or checking account information.

What are the benefits of Online Giving?

Prioritizing Your Budget

The Bible teaches that your tithes should be a “first”, and not a last, matter in your life. Read Proverbs 3:9-10. It is easy to let our good intentions be compromised by expenses and billing cycles. By setting up to give online, you can be sure to set that portion aside before other expenses rob the joy of giving to God.

Increasing Your Faithfulness

Have you ever forgotten your tithe, left it at home or fallen behind because of travel or other schedule interruptions? By using online giving to setup recurring gifts, you will ensure your faithfulness in giving. After setting up a recurring gift, you won’t be faced with forgetfulness.

Helping Your Church

By giving online, your gift is expedited, simplifying our accounting tasks and strengthening the base of regular support. Your faithful gifts help Canton Baptist Temple to fulfill its mission to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Encouraging Fellow Believers

As you plan and prioritize your giving, you will help to lead the way for others to mature in their spiritual stewardship. Setting the pace in this new area, you can provide personal testimony for others to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Giving

Q: Who should give online?

A: Anyone who is looking for a simpler way to prioritize and plan their giving. Anyone who would like to give to the ministry of Canton Baptist Temple on a recurring basis.

Q: Is online giving secure?

A: Yes. Transactions are processed through the Federal Reserve’s ACH network. Special Federal Reserve rules provide more protection for members than paper checks and therefore members enjoy a reduced potential for identity theft.

Q: When are gifts processed?

A: Gifts are processed immediately, although it may take up to 2 business days to show up on your bank/credit card statement.

Q: I am not a regular attender or member of Canton Baptist Temple, but I would like to make one time donation. Can I use online giving?

A: Yes. Simply create a username and password, and enter your personal information.

Q: Can I give with my credit card?

A: Yes, but we strongly encourage you to use a Debit card to do so. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Q: What if I want to cancel or change my online giving?

A: Simply log in to the online giving page, and you can change your gift and your account information.

Q: Can I view my past giving history online?

A: Yes, any gift made through our online giving system can be viewed by you anytime you are logged in. However, records of gifts that were not made online are not available through our online giving system. You will continue to receive giving statements in the mail and these gifts will be included on those statements.

Q: How can I get a receipt of my online gift?

A: You may print out your confirmation screen or confirmation email as a receipt. Either is considered a valid receipt, but remember, your gift will appear on your annual giving statements.

Q: My question is not listed here…now what?

A: Please call our Finance Office at (330) 477-6267 Extension 112

If you are ready to proceed to our online giving system, click HERE