What To Expect

Service Times:

Saturday Adult Bible Fellowship:  6 pm
Sunday School and Adult Bible Fellowships: 9 am
Sunday Worship Service: 10:15 am
Sunday Evening Service: 5:00 pm
Wednesday Service: 7:00 pm 


515 Whipple Ave., NW,
Canton, OH 44708

directions to canton church

Where Do I Park?

Our parking lot surrounds the building. There are handicapped spots closest to the building on the North side and in the Chapel parking lot on the South side of the building. There are also special spots marked “Visitor” that we have reserved for our guests who are considering Canton Baptist or visiting friends/family members.

There are also Family parking spots near door G on the west side of the church. It is probably the most convenient place to park for dropping off you kids at Sunday School

There is a “drop off area” in the rear of the church.

What Happens When I Arrive?

If you’ve come at 9:00 AM, you’ll be directed to an Adult Bible Fellowship, or a Sunday School Class of your choice. If you’ve come for the 10:15 Worship Service, you can go into the Worship Center, there is ample seating in our beautiful 2,000 seat Worship Center on the main floor or in the balcony. Our services are also projected on large screens so that you will be able to see everything up close, no matter where you choose to sit.

What About the Kids?

High school and Middle School students have their Bible Study time (9:00 – 10:00 a.m.) upstairs in their respective departments. You can get to the Middle School department easiest by parking near Door G in the rear of the church building. Middle School is located just up the stairs. There is also an elevator if you continue walking past the staircase at Door G, the elevator is on the right side down the hall. You can get to the High School Department easiest by parking near Door H in the rear of the church building. High School is located just up the stairs inside Door H. If you prefer the elevator, continue walking past the stairs and turn left at the intersecting hallway. The elevator is on the right hand side at the end of the hall.


More About Student Ministries


Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us. For nursery and preschool check in, enter at Door G and proceed straight to the children’s ministry desk. For elementary check in, enter at Door E or G and follow the stairs up to the desk. Each child is checked in by computer, and every child and parent (or guardian) receives a matching name tag for pick-up. At the Children’s Ministry Desk, someone will be glad to direct you to the appropriate nursery facility.

In addition to Sunday School, 4th & 5th graders have their own service at 10:15 a.m. (5-6 Praise), and younger children remain in their Nursery areas or Sunday School class room for more class time and fun. See the Children’s Ministry portion of our website for a more complete description of our Children’s Ministries.

More About Children’s Sunday School

The building is large, how do I know my way around?

On Sunday mornings we have greeters at each door that will help you get where you need to in the building. Most enter at Door C on Sunday mornings. On Wednesday evenings, most enter at door G.

What If I’m Early?

Most all of our Adult Bible Fellowship Classes have complimentary coffee, and breakfast foods available. A few of our ABF classes even have full hot breakfasts!

List Of Adult Sunday School Classes
canton baptist map

What To Expect At Our Services

We usually begin with a song or two, a greeting from our Pastor, and then more singing. Our worship leader mixes familiar choruses and hymns with newer praise songs in a worshipful style. We also have a Praise Team, Choir, and Orchestra. We are privileged to have some incredibly talented people involved in our Music Ministries. Our services are broadcast live on the internet and at 95.9 FM WNPQ. Our services are also telecast (with a one week delay) on several channels throughout Northeast Ohio. For a list of these channels, visit the radio/television section of our website. Yes, it’s true, you may be on television if you visit our service. Some people love that, but it makes others nervous. If you’d rather not be “in pictures” you may wish to sit under the balcony or in the balcony.

We usually receive the offering somewhere during the singing, and then Pastor Frazier comes to share the message.

We sometimes use drama, special music, and video to enhance the service, and Pastor Frazier uses PowerPoint to make his messages easy to follow. It also makes note-taking easier for those who like to keep notes. As the Pastor reads the text from the Bible, the words are shown on the screen so that you can follow along.

Service ends with a time of “invitation,” where you are welcome to come and pray on the steps at the front of the auditorium. This is never a long, awkward time, but rather a brief period where anyone can come to pray about what’s on their heart. If you do come up to pray, chances are that someone will join you after a few minutes and ask if you’d like them to pray with you. It’s fine to say “no, thanks” if you’d rather pray alone.”

Do You Embarrass Guests During the Service?

Not if we can help it! We generally don’t point out our guests during the service, or ask them to stand up. What we do is ask guests to fill out a Visitor Information Card from the Visitor Packet that they recieve during the service and drop it in the offering plate during the offering time. The information helps us keep track of where our visitors come from, what their needs are, and if they’d like to know more about the church.

What About Crying Babies?

You’re also welcome to relax in the nursery with your baby; the service is usually playing on a closed-circuit TV in the nursery. We are excited about our recently remodeled nursery and we are especially proud of our staff there. If you have any questions, just ask they will be happy to help! There is also a Nursing Mothers Room available with a diaper changing station, comfortable furniture and a television monitor so that you can watch the service.

Do I Have to Put Money in the Offering Plate?

We don’t expect visitors to put money in the offering plate; this is something for regular attenders. No one will look at you funny for not participating. Many regular attenders give through “automatic debit,” or use our convenient online giving system, or give bimonthly or monthly, and won’t be putting anything in the plate either.

What Sunday Morning Bible Classes are Available?

If you come at 9:00, you can choose among several classes, or ABFs (Adult Bible Fellowships). If you visit the Welcome Center, you will find a blue brochure that will tell you all about these classes. You can also visit the ABF section of our website for a complete listing.

Click here to see all the ABF’s available to you

What Happens on Sunday Nights?

Sunday nights we have a service in the Worship Center at 5:00 pm for all who wish to attend. This service is broadcast live on the internet and the radio at 95.9 FM WNPQ. We also have a full children’s program, nursery, Middle School Program and High School program that meet at the same time.