Adults, Young and Old

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Our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF’s) exist to reach people, teach people and minister to people. They provide opportunities for adults to grow spiritually through their study of the Bible and through involvement and interaction with other adults. The classes offer an atmosphere of friendship, nurture, and encouragement. The application of the Bible is the focus of each class, and the relationships that develop from growing together produces friendships that last for a lifetime. If you want to grow in your relationship with God and others, then our ABF’s are just what you need.

Saturdays at 6pm

“Saturdays” – All Adults……..Room 190 (Peaceful Harbor). Led by Ben Jennings


Sundays at 9am

Young Adults

College and Career……..Room 260. Led by Scott Urban

Young Adults – 20’s……..The Foyer. Led by Ben Jennings

Pathfinders – 30’s……..Room 110. Led by Dave Livengood


Median Adults

The Journey – 30’s & 40’s……..Room 280. Led by Mark Miller

Something For Monday – 40’s……..Room 290. Led by Jeff Shuster

Coffee House – 40’s & 50’s……..Room 130 (Multi-Purpose Room). Led by Jason Ball

Bridgebuilders – 50’s……..Room 250 (The Gallery). Led by Jake Tovissi

Pastor’s Class – Everyone……..Room 100 (Choir Room). Led by Mike Frazier


Senior Adults

Conquerers in Christ – 60’s……..Room 230. Led by Dave Sabaka

Encouragers – 60’s & 70’s……..Room 190 (Peaceful Harbor Room). Led by Tracy Scott

Faith Seekers – 70’s……..Room 180 (Tuscan Garden Room). Led by Delaney Young and Duaine Bennett

Ambassadors – 70’s……..Room 199 (The Henniger Ministry Center). Led by Dave Wolf and Bob Browning.


Specialty Classes

“Vital Signs” – Deaf Ministry……..Room 265. Led by Kathy Jo Hufstetler

Ladies ABF – All age ladies..………Room 241. Led by Rita Ashton


Sundays at 10:15am

Exceptional Class……..Room 199 (The Henniger Ministry Center). Led by Carol Rusher

This class meets Sundays at 10:15am and is for mentally and physically challenged adults.


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