canton baptist missions

Currently our church supports more than 155 mission projects all across the world. The members of our church are currently giving more than $700,000 annually through Faith Promise Missions. We believe that missions is the heartbeat of the local church! Below is a list of missionaries whom we support: (Names with an * next to the name are sent from CBT) Missionaries serving in Restricted Access Nations have been removed from this list, but please remember to pray for those serving in these very difficult places.

Click here for information on how to pray for the persecuted church around the world

North America

Carter, James and Becky- Alaska
Davis, Fred and Joyce – Canada (Chinese)
Hanthorn, Paul and Lynn* – Canada
Lytle, Edwin and Karen * – Canada
Pratt, Steve and Laura – Canada
Williams, Jeff and Andrea- Canada

South America

Alexander, Ali – Colombia
Booth, Clifton and Tiffany – Chile
Bradley, Raymond and Anita- Ecuador
Brooks, Dan and Amparito- Bolivia
Davoll, Jeff and Deanne – Ecuador
Gimenez, Claudio and Noemi – Argentina
Hickey, Jerry and Kristen- Brazil
Howell, David and Edna – Brazil
Lingo, Fran – Colombia
Metzger, Ben and Rachelle – Argentina
Mular, Albert and Marty- Argentina
Oliveira, Fabio and Debra – Brazil
Silva, Walter and Peggy- Uruguay
Solomon, Joel and Wendy – Chile
Solomon, Jonathan and Olivia – Chile
Thornton, Steve and Pam- Argentina
Tomberlin, Gary and Janet- Brazil
Vernoy, Clint and Rita- Paraguay

Central America

Barnes, John and Karry – Costa Rica
Delarca, Nati and Cora – Honduras
Dinsmore, Jim and Shelley- Guatemala
Sherwood, Stan and Jackie – Panama
Tabor, Mike and Casey- Costa Rica
Turner, Russ and Lynn- Latin America
Warner, Traci* – Nicaragua
Webb, Georgia – Mexico
Woodworth, Eric and Ashley- Honduras


Daniels, Russ and Sylvia- Uganda
Dodson, Dee- Tanzania
Eberhard, Jim and Sybil- Kenya
Foltz, Joanne – Tanzania
Hendrick, Christian and Shawna- Congo
Horne, Jim and Susie- Kenya
Long, Phil and Vala- Madagascar
Lynn, Jeremy and Karissa- Ethiopia
Smith, Vernon and Mary – Tanzania
Wilson, Levi and Chelsea – South Sudan
Wright, Dwayne and Tammy- Ethiopia


Far East Asia

Brown, Arza and Ruth – Hawaii
Burgett, Mike and Cindy – Japan
Byars, Paul and Ellen – Philippines
Hayes, Brenda – Philippines
King, George – Japan
Skelton, Grant and Rebbeca – Hong Kong
Wynn, Virginia – Philippines
Wynn, John and Christi – Philippines
Zarrella, Nick and Lorena – Japan
Ziss, Eddie and Sarah – Philippines

Southeast Asia

Blume, James – New Guinea
Cottrell, Adam and Ayla – Thailand
Crocker, Ray and Ginger – Singapore
Cunningham, Bill and LaMoin* – Bali
Huffman, Mike and Genia – New Zealand
Jones, Brad and Amber – Vanuatu
Perry, Jonathan and Natalie- Australia
Salmon, Shane and Kayti – Thailand
Sullivan, Tony and Julie – Australia
Trill, Justin and Becka – Thailand


Abrman, Peter and Zorka – Slovakia
Anderson, Bret and Katie* – Spain
Baughman, Linda – France
Beach, Duane and Daylin – Germany
Belasco, Arnold and Leslie – Spain
Berry, Brian * – Ireland
Coburn, Mary – United Kingdom
Dimakos, George and Luisa – Greece
Falk, Wilhelm and Sandra- Germany
Gritts, TJ and Kimberly – Spain
Hale, Mark and Michele- Portugal
Laase, Jonathan and Priscilla * – France
Laase, Randy and Patricia * – France
Loveday, Jack and Joy – Spain
Mifsud, Joe and Jenny – Malta
Moeller, Rich – Scotland
Orrick, Richie and Missy – Wales
Sampson, Keith and Lisa – Estonia
Simpson, Eric and Lisa – England
Sinde, James and Cristina – Greece
Staley, Doug and Amber * – Ireland
Steward, Josh and Denise* – Ireland
Taylor, Larry and Jean – Belgium
White, Jim and Adie – France


Cooley, John and Tammy – Jamaica
Falde, Kevin and Emelie- Haiti
Franklin, Tom and Regina- Dominican Republic


Baptist Bible Fellowship – Admin – Organization
BCMN – Organization
Cool Kids Ministries – Organization
Gideons International – Organization
Haven of Rest Ministries – Organization
Ohio Christian Alliance – Organization
Pregnancy and Parenting Center – Organization
Bethesda Children’s Homes – Organization
Burkholder, Bruce and Lisa* – Spanish Publishing Ministry
Poe, John and Debbie – Spanish Publishing Ministry
Billingsley, Dwight and Jeanne – Arab Christian Ministries
Keen, Charles and Mary – First Bible International
McClendon, Lewis and Karen* – ABOUND Ministries
Baughman, Gerald and Diane* – BIMI Representative
Bennett, Fred and Beth – Missions 3:16
Seals, Roy and Edi- Global Faith Missions
National Center for Life and Liberty


Butler, Ed and Joyce- Retired / Philippines
Domingos, Lorraine – Retired / Brazil
Espinosa, Cherie – Retired / Argentina
Finch, Kay – Retired/Japan
Gill, Connie – Retired / Brazil
Harrison, Roy and Ruth – Retired/Switzerland
Harvey, Bill and Quessie – Retired/Central America
Hester, Richard and Kathleen – Retired / Australia
Koon, Earl and Joyce – Retired / Australia
Martin, Terry and Dana- Retired / England
Matthews, Marvin and Pat – Retired/Australia
Moore, Dan – Retired/Singapore
Queen, Judy – Retired/Mexico
Reed, Bob and Marlene* – Retired/Costa Rica
Steffy, Uldine * – Retired/Philippines
Stone, LuJean- Retired/CAN
Worley, Eugene and Glenda* – Retired/Ethiopia

Additional Missionary Families in Creative Access Nations are not listed