Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF’s)

Our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF’s) exist to reach people, teach people and minister to people. They provide opportunities for adults to grow spiritually through their study of the Bible and through involvement and interaction with other adults. The classes offer an atmosphere of friendship, nurture, and encouragement. The application of the Bible is the focus of each class, and the relationships that develop from growing together produces friendships that last for a lifetime. If you want to grow in your relationship with God and others, then our ABF’s are just what you need.

Young Adults

Teacher – Trent Dibell

Location – Room 260

Our College and Career class offers a Christ centered environment where we study God’s Word and have a great time together. During these pivotal years, we will be learning how God’s Word teaches us to be leaders, how to witness, why it is important to be in church, how to deal with the constant change of social norms, how to spiritually feed yourself, biblical instructions in relationships and more. Come and join us on Sunday mornings at 9 am as we study out the Word of God and prepare awesome activities as a class.

Teacher – Joe Klink

Location – Room 290

Young Adults is a class for people in their 20’s and 30’s. There is a mixture of singles, marrieds and marrieds with children. The   lessons center on day-to-day living with    relevant examples from home, the workplace and ministry in the local church. The teachers have a strong desire to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage the class to reach those around them.

Class time consists of food and fellowship followed by prayer and a Bible study.

Teacher – Dave Livengood

Location – Room 110

Pathfinders is a diverse class with individuals and couples ranging from 25 to 40+. We meet to study and absorb God’s Word for the purpose of becoming more Christ-like and to navigate through our busy lives. The class is made up of people who like to discuss the Word of God or to just sit back and enjoy the conversation.  Class members come from all imaginable scenarios of life and challenges, so you will feel right at home.  Our class activities are designed to accommodate singles and married with and without children.

Median Adults

Teachers – Mark Miller and Tim Wentz

Location – Room 280

The Journey is a multi-generational gathering of individuals and couples traveling life’s journey together. A safe place to share our burdens, praying with and for each other, The Journey is a weekly oasis for Christian spiritual learning and fellowship. 

A typical Sunday morning class includes coffee, light breakfast snacks, a dedicated time for prayer, and a challenging Bible study to help us live our lives “more abundantly” in Christ. After class, while waiting for the worship service to begin, class members often hang out in fellowship to share highlights from their week or talk more specifically about what’s going on in their lives.  Outside of Sunday mornings, The Journey hosts several activities throughout the year including informal potlucks, bonfires, and our annual “After Christmas Party.”

It’s a real blessing to know you’re not alone on life’s journey; to know that there are others who have been through similar situations, and who are there to offer encouragement along the way. What a ministry! We hope you’ll come share your journey with us!


Teacher – Jeff Shuster

Location – Room 130

Sunday mornings at Something for Monday are filled with Christian fellowship, amazing coffee, and scripture-based lessons. Each week’s message contains a practical tip for the week ahead — your “Something for Monday” takeaway. SFM is multi-generational, with a mix of singles, newly married, couples with children, and mature adults who are young at heart. The range of life stages lets class members share everything from life experiences and wisdom to youthful energy and present-day challenges. Our activities calendar includes a mix of service events, after-church “Just Lunches,” game nights, and casual get-togethers.

Teacher – Jake Tovissi

Location – Room 250

The Bridgebuilders class is for adults ranging in age from 50 and up. There is a mixture of    singles and couples. The goal of the class is to build bridges to others within our church as well as bridges to reach those without Christ.

Twice a month we feature a time of singing and each Sunday we offer coffee and breakfast foods as well. We enjoy each other’s company and plan a couple of events throughout the year.

Our main goal is to teach the Word of God in an understand-able way so that you learn how to apply it to your life, develop a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be able to share Him with others.

Senior Adults

Teacher – Pastor Frazier

Location – Room 180

The Pastor’s class is an adult Bible class with ages ranging from 40 to 70 and up.  We are a combination of two classes coming together as one to   better understand God’s Word so that we may live out our Christian faith and be a beacon of light in a very dark world. 

We meet and gather socially in a time of fellowship before class, which      includes stimulating conversation     coupled with coffee and muffins.  Or is it stimulating coffee coupled with    conversation and muffins?  Either way, we then come together corporately for a time of prayer requests and praises.  This leads into our study time, where we open the Word of God together. Pastor Frazier teaches a Bible truth and shows, through God’s perfect and holy Word, that the Bible remains as relevant today as ever before.

Our main goal is to love on each other for an hour each Sunday morning, and to teach the Word of God in a practical way, so that we can apply it to our daily lives. 

Teacher – Dave Sabaka

Location – Room 230

The Conquerors in Christ is a group of believers aged 50’s to 70’s that is committed to helping each other grow in our Christian walk.  That begins with our Sunday morning meeting where we study the Bible together.  We start with a snack and some coffee, and there are usually so many people talking that we must interrupt them to get the lesson started.  We share prayer requests, life events, challenges, and even a few funny stories.  We have people who have studied the Bible for years, and we have others who are just getting started.  But everyone is still looking to learn and to grow.  However, the fellowship does not end on Sunday morning.  During the week we pray for each other and support each other by bringing meals when someone is sick or by sending a note of encouragement.  We are not just a class; we are a group of Christian friends who are committed to helping each other.  We would be glad to have you join us some Sunday.

Teacher – Bob Hutton

Location – Room 190

Encouragement! Family! Friends! Prayer Partners!  That could sum up the “Encouragers ABF”. We are a group of older adults (60’s and 70’s) who have lived life and now help to share the in and outs, the trials and success of living life in retirement. We learn together from God’s Word, learn how to navigate these years, learn how to help our families and help each other. At the same time we learn how to draw closer to God. We also enjoy times of fellowship outside of the class by attending different activities together. If you are looking to connect with a community of friends, consider attending the Encouragers ABF.

Teachers – Bob Browning and Jason Ball

Location – Room 199

The Ambassador Class is where seniors (55 and up) gather to worship God, exalt Jesus Christ, and build one another up in the faith.  Our typical Sunday worship involves prayer requests, singing hymns and special music, followed by a lesson from the Word of God.  Our people appreciate the Bible and accept it for what it is – the inspired, inerrant Word of God.  We do not gather to hear a particular viewpoint on life or a certain philosophy; rather we meet to hear and study the Word of God.  And whether the lesson brings exhortation or rebuke, correction or instruction in righteousness, the result is always the same – joy.  If you are looking for a place to worship God, we invite you to join us at 9am in the Henninger Ministry Center as we seek to reach, teach, and minister to others.

Specialty Classes

Teacher – Janna Mines

Location – Room 265

Vital Signs is a class for people who use American Sign Language to communicate.  We welcome both hearing and Deaf members to come and study the Scriptures together in sign language.  Our goal is to discuss God’s Word together in an environment that is accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing people. In addition to meeting in person, we have a few members who attend virtually through zoom.  A Bible-believing church with strong doctrine is difficult to find and, even more difficult, is finding one with an interpreter and Deaf community.  For this reason, we have a few people from farther away who choose to be a part of our class virtually.  We plan to continue to provide this hybrid option.  So, anyone from anywhere is welcome to join us via zoom.  If you know of any Deaf    individuals who are struggling to find an accessible church in their area, please, pass along this information.  

Teacher – Barb Harwell

Location – Room 270

 “Dinner’s ready…come to the table!” Those are satisfying words we all love to hear. The table is where we gather together with family and friends for food and fellowship.  At Come to the Table we are nourished from God’s Word while enjoying the loving fellowship of other women.

The foundation of Come to the Table is the “one anothers” of Scripture; especially the desire to encourage one another.

This ABF class is for women of all ages and there is a place at the table for you.  After all…“The best memories are made gathered around the table.”

Teacher – Shannon Scott

Location – Room 241

Women of the Word, or WOW, is an Adult Bible Fellowship class for women of all ages. The goal of this class is to teach the full counsel of God (Acts 20:27), minister to each other in the class (Titus 2:7), pray for one another, and encourage those who are called to serve in other capacities at Canton Baptist Temple. Whether you are new to our church or have been visiting for a while, you are welcome to join us on Sunday mornings at 9 am each week, as we worship the Lord in our study of His awesome and life-changing Word.

Teacher – Carol Rusher

Location – Room 199

Welcome to the Exceptional Class. This class takes place at 10:15am every Sunday and is made specifically for adults with mental and physical disabilities. This class offers a loving atmosphere where every worker is trained and screened and has experience working with exceptional individuals! We are committed to teaching God’s Word and building relationships with God and one another. We also have five supervised activities a year with transportation provided! Come and join us Sunday mornings at 10:15am as we learn and grow more in our faith together!